Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

The different social networks change their image size so often that it is hard to keep track of it. This link is from the blog with the latest image sizes for the various sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Your Bookmarkable Guide to Social Media…

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How to Reset the Password from the Windows 10 Lock Screen


Did you forget your Windows 10 account password? Don’t worry, the fall 2017 update Windows 10 includes now a new option that makes it super easy to reset your password when using a Microsoft account. The following links give you detailed information on How to reset password from the Lock screen…

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Learn Essential Computer Skills for Free Online

Goodwill Community Foundation®

Whether you are a beginner or just need a refresher, check out this totally free online computer  learning site: Info about the site For more than a decade, the program has helped millions around the world learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the…

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What Are the Function Keys For in a PC?

function key uses

When you look at your keyboard on your PC at the top, you see a row of Function keys from F1 -F12, but what do they mean and what do they do? Check out this helpful image an start using the Function Keys. – F1 – Opens the Help screen…

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Helpful Facebook Tips and Tricks

I just came across 28 really great Facebook tips and tricks at Business Insider. Some are only for Facebook Mobile and others only for the Facebook Desktop and then there a general ones that work in both. Make sure your read in the description in what version you can find them. Some of the tips…

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