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The Canadian Maritimes

Marlies – Me

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Marlies and I was born in 1953 in Switzerland. When I started this site I lived in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada, but currently I live in Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

For Christmas 1987 we bought our first computer. The kids wanted a Nintendo, but I felt that a computer would offer us more. So I learned to use a computer, and my knowledge has increased as computers grew and developed. Today I am quite comfortable looking ‘under the hood’ so to speak of the computer.

Our family got the Internet in May 1996 and boy has it changed our household. TV has largely lost its luster. The Net is so much more interactive and we have joined the global community. It doesn’t matter any longer that I am living far from the big cities. Now I have access to everything and everybody right here from my computer.

In 1997 my husband won me on the Internet a free web site for 3 months for my birthday. I had no HTML knowledge, but was determined to create my own site. My son had just created his own site and I thought that I could do it too. I looked for HTML tutorials on the Net and went to work. My first site gave me invaluable experience. It doesn’t exist any longer, and I am really proud of my current site.

Then my son suggested in 2002 that we move from a html coded website to using a CMS (Content Management System) I agreed. Little did I realize that learning to use TYPO3 would turn out to be so difficult. My son had a hard time explaining it to me and the documentation was written by the programmers who assumed that the user would see things the way they did. Well, eventually I got the hang of it and wrote myself some documentation to remember what I did. Not wanting to just keep this information for myself, I posted it on my website and so discovered that I had a knack of tutorial writing, explaining geek talk in simpler terms and translating it into laymen’s terms.

Through the years, I keep on adding any and all information that I find useful about computers to the site for the benefit of visitors and also as a reference library for myself.

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