Why You Don’t See Posts From Facebook Pages You Follow

magic trick

So, you just found a Facebook Page that you find interesting and useful and follow it. Then after some time you have totally forgotten about it because the posts never show up in your Facebook stream.

What has happened? Is there a secret or magic trick to see these posts?

There is a secret to getting to see the posts from the Facebook Pages you follow and unless you have paid attention to what happens when you follow a page, you might have chosen the wrong option.

Get to See the Posts You Want to See

facebook newsfeed secret
  • On the Facebook Page you want to follow click on the “follow” button
  • you’ll get a drop down menu that gives you a choice of how you want to see the post in your newsfeed:
    • Default → there is a small chance that you will see my posts
    • See First → this way the post has a high priority setting and you will most likely see my posts.

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