What Are the Function Keys For in a PC?

function key uses

When you look at your keyboard on your PC at the top, you see a row of Function keys from F1 -F12, but what do they mean and what do they do? Check out this helpful image an start using the Function Keys.

function keys
  1. – F1 – Opens the Help screen for most programs
  2. – F2 – Allows you to rename a selected file or folder
  3. – F3 – Opens the search feature for the currently active application
  4. – ALT + F4 – Closes the active window
  5. – F5 – Reloads the page or document window
  6. – F6 – In most Internet browsers moves cursor to address bar
  7. – F7 – Activates spell check in a Microsoft application such as Word
  8. – F8 – Accesses the boot menu in Windows when starting the computer
  9. – F9 – Refreshes a Microsoft Word document and sends and receives emails in Outlook
  10. – F10 – In an open application it activates the menu bar. Shift + F10 is the same as right clicking
  11. – F11 – Enters and exits full screen mode in your browser
  12. – F12 – In Microsoft Word opens the Save as dialog box

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