How to Create Visual Social Media Content That Gets Results

Visual Social Media Content

Visual Social Media Content

Do you wonder why your social media content does not get the results you want? One key tip is to make it visually appealing and that means adding a picture to each content you post.

For more in-depth details watch this 1 hour video Hangout with Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. They give you detailed information for each tip.

10 Tips for Visual Social Media Content

  1. Pass the re-share test
  2. Be valuable
  3. Be Bold – feel free to express your opinions
  4. Be Brief
  5. Credit Your Source
  6. Add Drama
  7. Embrace Hashtags
  8. Schedule and spread out
  9. Keep Calm and Post Often
  10. Cross Post
  11. Check with an “incognito” page


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