Google+ Profile vs Business Page – What to Post Where?

  • What is the difference between your Google+ profile and your business page?
  • What content do you post to what? Are you now totally confused?
 Google+ Profile vs Page

Google+ Profile vs Page

Here is a quick summary from the article at Ryan Hanley, where I got this information from.

  • Your Google+ profile is no different than your personal Facebook profile.
  • Your Google+ page is no different than your Facebook business page.

Google+ Profile

Your personal profile is for your thoughts.

Your personal profile is an extension of YOU the human being. We use our personal profile to build human relationships with the other members of the Google+ just like you would in the real world. So sure, you can talk about your business, but it’s important to also talk about everything else that makes YOU, YOU!

Google+ Business Page

Your Business Page is for your resources

Your business page should be filled with resources that add value to the clients, peers and prospects with whom you’re connected.

Every action you take within Google+ is being used by Google to better understand what topics your business is an authority in.

Read the full article here, it has also the transcript of the video below.

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