50 Tweetable Twitter Tips You Wish You Knew Years Ago

twitter tips

twitter tips

Is Twitter still a mystery for you, but you want to get more followers and increase your engagement?

Here’s a huge list of 50 Twitter tips that will help you become a more effective Twitter user and makes you wish you knew this years ago.

Each tip has a [click to tweet] link so you can quickly tweet it out. How about scheduling one a day for the next fifty days, you will look like a marketing rock star.

Here are 10 of the 50 tweets

  • #2 – Make the most of your Twitter bio. Show off your skills and uniqueness without over-hashtagging. [click to tweet]
  • #8 – Try keeping tweets short — 100 characters instead of 140 — to let people add their own commentary. [click to tweet]
  • #14 – Be responsive on Twitter, not a robot. If someone asks you a question on Twitter, answer it! [click to tweet]
  • #19 – Run Twitter contests using hashtags to increase engagement quickly. It’s gratifying to win! [click to tweet]
  • #23 – Create public Twitter lists (vs. private) so members know when they’re added and likely reciprocate. [click to tweet]
  • #28 – Don’t #overuse #hashtags #in #your #tweets. Limit yourself to 1-3 hashtags per tweet. [click to tweet]
  • #32 – Don’t repeatedly follow and unfollow Twitter users seeking attention. They will notice … in a bad way. [click to tweet]
  • #37 – Share important tweets four times throughout the day using different angles to cover all time zones. [click to tweet]
  • #40 – Follow twenty people with similar interests per day. That’s not overwhelming, and reciprocal followers will add up quickly. [click to tweet]
  • #47 – Optimize your blog post titles so when people tweet them, they’re catchy enough for people to click on the links. [click to tweet]

Check out the full tweet list now from Hubspot.com


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