Google+ Local vs Yellow Pages Listing – Do you still need both?

With the decline of Yellow Pages the answer to the question: “Google+ vs Yellow Pages Listing” is not as straight forward as you might think. It all depends on your target market.

yellow pages google+ local

I looked at information from various studies and websites put this presentation together to help you make a decision.

Slideshare link: Google+ Local vs Yellow Pages Listing from Marlies Cohen

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Reference Information
Google+ Local vs Yellow Pages Listing

While usage of Print Yellow Pages has declined as very clearly seen in the graph below, that does not mean that it is dead.

    yellow pages usage

    yellow pages usage

  • According to comScore’s 2013 Local Search Usage Study, the two most important factors consumers consider when choosing a business are location (32%) and familiarity (31%).
  • Becoming familiar means utilizing as many multiple marketing channels as possible to get your name in front of local consumers.
  • Clearly, a combined approach of Yellow Page advertising and local search marketing is the most effective way to reach local consumers looking for your product or service.
  • On average the study also found that consumers use two to three sources when researching local businesses.
  • The most significant finding is that Baby Boomers and seniors, who control the lion’s share of spending in the local market, turned to the printed directory FIRST 64% of the time.
  • Older consumers continue to use print directories at a much higher rate than younger consumers.

Phone Book Print Yellow Pages:

  • Be sure to measure results! Since this industry is changing so fast, it is really necessary to monitor and assess how good the ROI is if you are advertising in print yellow pages.
  • First carefully check your local business category in your local phone book — while it seems that large metro areas might be a bad ad buy for most, if all of your competitors have bailed out of a book you could scoop up all the remaining referrals left. Some data indicates that the advertisers sticking with print advertising are enjoying pretty good call rates for this reason.
  • Larger ads are often a worse value proposition. Try to go with smaller/cheaper print ads which still give you sufficient exposure to communicate a few key facts about your business which would persuade a customer to choose you.

The Best Businesses for Print Yellow Pages: Service or Installed Product

  • 75% of Yellow Pages advertisers are service businesses or installed product (think floor covering, local shoe stores, restaurants, dentist offices, electricians, plumbers, lawyers, shopping etc)
  • The more service-heavy, the more valuable the directory
  • Businesses that have large, infrequent sales (roofer, divorce attorney, windshield repair) are very likely to receive a big return compared to a donut shop. A roofing customer is out of the market for 20 years after a purchase. That’s a lead worth capturing
  • The more a decision is researched, the better the ad return is.



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