What is Pinterest And Why Should You Use It?

pinterest logoWhat is Pinterest and why should you use it? Pinterest is a visual pin board where images and videos are pinned to a virtual pin board. You connect with everyone in the world and find out what they find cool and interesting.

Currently Pinterest is still in Beta and you can only join it by invitation. I you need an invitation contact me.

So what is the difference between Facebook and Pinterest?

Facebook is

  • a social network
  • a virtual place to hang out with friends
  • where you say who you are, who you know and where you are
  • situational
  • about creating content about yourself

Pinterest is

  • where you find out what others find cool and interesting
  • a virtual wishlist
  • a social shopping network
  • a virtual shopping mall where you go window shopping to find great ideas and inspiration and also do some real shopping
  • where you say who you want to be, who you want to know and where you want to be
  • aspirational
  • bout creating content about the things you want
  • the majority of the people on Pinterest are women and 25-54
  • the fastest growing social network at the this time
  • most popular in the USA at this time

For more detailed info about Pinterest read the informative poster below.

Pinterest – The Social Media Darling Of 2012: Infographic by Infographiclabs

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