HootSuite: Social Media DashboardAs social media sites seem to reproduce like rabbits, I got saddled with a lot of work posting to each one and having to open each site individually to post. So I set out to find a way to remedy this problem. After trying out desktop based solutions which slowed my computer down to a crawl, I discovered HootSuite.

I experimented with the free version until I wanting to connect to more social media accounts than the free version offered, then it was time to switch to the Pro version. Here are some of the benefits of going Pro:

  • 30 Day Free Trial of HootSuite Pro*
    *30 Day Free Trial of Pro gives access to ALL HootSuite Pro functionality and add-ons such as HSU ($21), 1 Free Team Member, Analytics ($50), and Ow.ly Vanity URL ($50) to name a few ($142 value)
    **Google+ is only available to Enterprise level users
  • Base Pro price at a very affordable $9.99/month
  • Multiple social network management from one dashboard (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+**)
  • Scheduled Messaging
    Lets you schedule the same message to be posted at different time to different social media sites
  • HootSuite App Directory (Tumblr, YouTube, InboxQ, Get Satisfaction)
    Engagement, Team Collaboration, Analytics and Security
  • Listening tools
    What does listening mean? Customizable feeds and streams let you focus easily on what is important for you right now.

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