Do You Spend Too Much Time on Social Media?

social media foot printWhen it comes to social media it is very easy to get lost and spend way to much time there, but how do you solve that dilemma? When it comes to social media tips I like to follow Mari Smith as she always gives interesting social media information and links to articles, like the one below.

3 Habits For Managing Your Social Media Footprint
From: ReadWriteWeb

1) Exercise self-control
2) Get off the grid from time to time
3) Make good use of content curation tools

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information coming at us from all directions. Who would have thought that we now need to schedule downtime? It is not an easy task. But doing it can have a profound effect on your life.

Do you really have to share that much? Do you know that everything you share will stay in cyberspace forever? In the heat of the moment when you share something, do you think about the fact that it might come back to haunt you in the future?

Mari Smith wrote:

An awesome mantra I learned from my Spiritual Teacher, Esperanza – SOUL Institute, is to simply ask, “What is my deepest intent?” Ask that one question of yourself before ever hitting post, send, update, publish… it can really help to keep our ego in check and ensure the right message gets across.

Make sure that your messages are in congruent with who you are and the face you want to show to the world.

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