Do You Post To Different Social Media Sites All At The Same Time?

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social media icons

You have a personal Facebook profile and also a Facebook page or two, then there is Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and you want to post to all your social media sites, but what is the best way to take advantage of them? Do you post the same post to all of them at once which is very easy to do with HootSuite, but is it the best way?

This week I just watched Amy Porterfield’s webinar video replay: “Facebook marketing strategies” and found the answer.

She is talking about your Facebook profile and page timeline, but it goes for all social media.

First: Try to keep your personal social postings for your personal profiles and your business postings for your business profiles. That does not mean that you cannot occasionally post personal info to your business profiles.

Second: Don’t post the exact same thing at the exact same time across all your social sites. The reason for this is that there is a good chance that you have some people that follow you on all your social media sites and so they would receive the same post multiple times. Also by posting at different times of the day you reach a different audience.

So how do you handle posting to your Social Media Sites?

The answer is: Mix it up! Any information that you would like to post to multiple social media sites should be split up and this is were sites like Hootsuite come in handy as you can schedule your posts.

In WordPress you can send a message to Twitter when you have written a new blog post and then on Twitter you can set it up so it will automatically post to Facebook or do the reverse and have Facebook post to Twitter.

Post in the morning to your personal Facebook profile and then in the afternoon or next day to your Facebook page and maybe at noon to Twitter and Google+. You will have to find your own rhythm and see what gives you the most responses and you won’t look so repetitive.

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