Do you Find Social Media Confusing?

The information in the infographic below will help you make sense of the confusing array of Social Media profiles.

Which social media option should you use? Are they confusing you? You can only spread yourself so far and then you run out of steam. So which one do you use and what do you use each one for?

Then I found this graphic and just had to share it. It explains how each social profile would deal with coffee.

Social Media Explained with Coffee

Social Media Explained with Coffee

  • Twitter – I like coffee
  • Facebook – I am drinking #coffee
  • LinkedIn – I am good at drinking coffee
  • YouTube – Watch me as I drink coffee
  • MySpace – I am 13 and drink coffee when I’m not taking picture of myself
  • Pinterest – Here’s a collection of pictures and recipes of coffee drinks
  • Quora – What’s the difference between a Latte and a Macchiato?
  • Meetup – Let’s get together (in person) and drink coffee together
  • Digg – Here are a bunch of popular articles about coffee
  • Google+ – I am a Google employee who drinks coffee
  • Four Square – Here is where I drink coffee. I come here a lot, I am the Mayor
  • Instagram – Here’s a vintage picture of me drinking coffee

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