Do Grammar Mistakes Really Matter to Your Readers?

writingMy mother tongue is Swiss German, a language that when I grew up was not really a written language, except for some poems and books. In today’s world I have discovered that text messages are written in Swiss German and as there are so many dialects it is written phonetically. That got me thinking if it is still important to write grammatically correct now a days? That lead me to the following conundrum.

Just a few weeks ago I was noticing that a lot more blogs had a comma before the word and. When I learned English in Switzerland many moons ago, I was taught that there was no need to put a comma before the word and, as and always followed a list of words and was was place before the last word in the list. I asked my son and then daughter-in-law who is a copywriter and the both said that they have noticed that trend, but could not give my an answer.

Today I found this answer in an blog article. Here is the excerpt about the comma:

Egregious Use of the Comma
For whatever reason, Americans overuse commas. We use it to emphasize a pause in a sentence, to clear up ambiguity, or to list items in a sentence. When it comes to the listing of items, however, this is perhaps where we go crazy with the comma. The serial comma (as referred to in the U.S. which is also known as the Harvard Comma or the Oxford Comma in the U.K.) is  frequently seen preceding  the word “and” or “or” when listing items in a sentence.The idea of putting the comma before “and” or “or” in a list comes from the Chicago Manual Style. For example:
a. I bought milk, eggs, bacon, and orange juice at the store.
    However, the AP Style Guide recommends against it.
b. I bought milk, eggs, bacon and orange juice at the store.
So this one’s up to you to decide.

Read the rest of the grammar mistakes here. I would love to hear your thoughts about this subject, please leave a comment below.


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