Formatting QuickLaunch Bar in Windows

I like to use the quick launch bar in Windows and at one point I just had too many items, so I went looking for a way to sort them into folders. I found it and did it and then promptly forgot how I did it. Then when I wanted to make changes I had to go search for the info all over again. So now I am writing it down for myself and others as the place to edit it is not in the place where you normally would go looking for it.

The settings for the quick launch bar are found in your user settings in the C drive where Windows is installed. It is user specific, so where it says ‘username’ below select the one for the user you want to sort the quick launch bar for:

C:Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch

Now you can sort your folder to suit you like mine in the example below

quicklaunch bar

quicklaunch bar


June 22/2007


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