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computer tutor

Using computers has never been more important at work or at play. With a few simple steps you can be well on your way to make the computer work for you. If you just got a computer or have had yours for awhile we can help you better understand and use the computer the way you want. Why struggle on your own when you can have personal one-on-one computer training and assistance in the comfort of your home in a friendly, patient, and supportive manner?

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Learn How To …

  • Navigate the Internet and send email
  • Set up your computer and do basic computer maintenance
  • Use your programs effectively
  • Create your own website


  • Set a start page for your browser
  • Fine tune your browser’s settings
  • Use the search engines
  • Bookmark web pages you like
  • Download and install files and programs
  • Listen to music on the Internet
    * Read newspapers online
    * Print an article or save it to your harddrive
    * Do your banking and bill payments online


  • Send email
  • Add names to your email address book
  • Set up new email accounts
  • Create folders and rules so that specific emails automatically go there
  • Send attachments with your email
  • Change the sound that notifies you of new email
  • Create email stationery


  • Use newsgroups
  • Use an instant messenger service

Social Media

There are more and more social media networks and figuring out how to use each effectively for personal and business use isn’t always that easy.

  • Facebook – personal and business pages
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Computer Basics & Maintenance

  • Navigate around Windows
  • Change your desktop
  • Change your screen resolution
  • Change your screen saver
  • Find files on your hard drive
  • Backup files

Software Use

  • Word Processing Programs
    • Write reports & letters
    • Create Letterheads
    • Create Mailing labels
  • Spreadsheet Programs
    • The many uses of spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Desktop Publishing Programs
    • Create Letterheads
    • Create Business Cards
    • Create Flyers
    • Create Postcards
  • Graphic Programs
    • Create and manipulate graphics
    • Scan photos and change them
  • Bookkeeping Programs
    • Keep track of your finances

Website Design

  • Create your own free website
    • Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) “The people you pay each month to get on line” give you 5MB of free space for your own website. Why not use that space.
  • Share your photos with family and friends on the Internet
  • WordPress
  • Blogger

Teaching Information

  • Sessions usually last one to two hours. For most people, two hours of information is more than enough to absorb in one sitting.

Computer Tutor Contact Information

Computer Tutor

Marlies Cohen, 86 Lorne Avenue
Dartmouth, NS  B2Y 3E7 Canada

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