Are Facebook Icons a Mystery to You?

We always assume that everybody automatically understands icons, but that is not always the case. In a recent conversation with a friend I discovered that the Facebook icons are a mystery to her.

So I put this information together to explain them.

Facebook profile icons

At the top right of your Facebook Profile page are 3 dark icons.

  1. Earth → Notifications – dropdown box displays all the latest updates from people you have liked
  2. Conversation bubble → Messages – dropdown box displays all the latest Facebook messages you have received
  3. Friend requests → dropdown box displays all the latest new friend requests you have received

fb profile icons

Facebook how to chat

  • The chat box is in the lower right corner of your profile page
  • The green dot shows you who of your friends are currently online
  • The minutes show the last time they have been online

fb chat

Facebook how to chat or send a message

  • The chat and message box are the same box
  • To send a friend a message, go to the friends profile page by clicking on the name or addng it to the search bar and select message
    • when you send a message and the friend is not online, they will see it the next time they are online.
    • The message box then opens at the bottom right of the profile page

fb message

Facebook chat/message box icons

  • To chat with a friend(s) click on the green dot next to your friend’s name
  • The chat box then opens at the bottom right of the profile page

fb chat

Facebook chat box icons

fb chat box icons

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