Why Social Media Marketing?

What’s the big deal about social media marketing?

social media is a marketing tool

social media is a marketing tool

This list shows just some of benefits of using social networks:

  • increased exposure and traffic
  • a means to gather market intelligence
  • a way to develop loyal fans
  • lead generation
  • improved search rankings
  • reduced marketing expenses
  • improved sales and more

Have you dipped your feet into the social media pond and are now ready to take the plunge, but don’t know where to begin? Or, maybe, you have a Facebook or Twitter account, but have not logged in for ages? Not participating in the social media revolution can put your business at a competitive disadvantage.

As a social media maven and consultant I am your guide to the social networks and can help you figure out where to put your online marketing focus and advise you on how to set up a plan and implement it to reach your full marketing potential.

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