How To Create Your Own XMind Marker File

XMind - Mind Mapping

XMind – Mind Mapping

I found out that I liked using XMind to mindmap to put my thoughts together. For the moment I am using the free version, which is quite adequate right now. After a lot of searching for extra ‘marker’ files, I discovered that there aren’t many xMind marker packages around and even fewer instructions on how to create your own.

A quick Google search revealed that XMind marker files are ‘xmp files’. I had not clue what that meant. Basically a xmp file is the envelope for other files and usually associated with images and photos. The cool thing is that XMind gives you everything you need to create your own personal marker files and that it is actually quite simple to create your own.

Instructions On How Create Your Own XMind Marker File

The files inside your XMP file are in my case simple png icon files. I am a collector of icons and just had to do a quick search on my harddrive to find the markers I wanted. There are many free icons around the net, just do a quick Google search.

I used 64x64px png icon files for my markers.

» Markers Tab

The Markers tab is to the right of the Properties tab in the right sidebar

XMind markers tab

XMind markers tab

» Marker Manager

Select the Marker Manager Icon

XMind marker manager

XMind marker manager

» Marker Manager Popup Window

XMind marker manager popup

XMind marker manager popup

Now you will see the Marker Manager Popup window

  1. By default the Markers option is selected in the left column
  2. Click on the [Add] button on the right and you will get
  3. automatically a new marker group with a default name. You can change the default name here
  4. Now click on the second add button on the right to select the icon files from your computer
  5. I did not take a screenshot here, but you are now presented with your files on your harddrive where you select one or multiple files for your marker group. The file will now appear in this box
  6. Select apply and then
  7. OK

Your personal markers will appear under ‘My Markers’ in the right sidebar where the default markers are.

You can add additional icons to an existing group or create as many groups as you want with your own markers.

I would love to hear from you, if you found the information helpful. Just leave a comment below.

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