Where Do You Get Your Inspiration to Become Successful in Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing

Internet marketing

Where do you get your inspiration to become successful in Internet marketing? There are so many people claiming to have the found the way to become successful in Internet marketing that it is difficult to figure out who to trust and separate the hype from the things that really work.

Listening to different voices on the Internet and by that I mean marketing and real voice (ie. music), I have learned to trust my gut. When I strongly resonate with a song or a marketing message and feel comfortable with the story that comes with it, most often I am on the right track. It all comes down to congruence. Does the story the marketer tells about the product and himself mesh or is he only out for a fast buck.

I am always on the lookout to learn more and watch many webinars. Some turn out to be not what I expected and others just blow me away. Most of the time it is just no convenient to watch a live webinar, so I am very happy to watch the recording at my own leisure so that I can make notes more easily by stopping the recording and then continue on. Sometimes I like to download the recording when I know that I won’t be able to watch it right away. That’s when I have discovered that some recordings cannot be downloaded. I don’t like that, as I am forced to watch the webinar when the person who created it wants me to watch it. I find that this is another way of pushing/selling rather than developing a relationship with the audience and I go and find somebody else who has that information to offer.

Today I came across this article in Forbes about Jeff Walker who created “the Product Launch Formula”. I have been following Jeff now for quite some time and I like how he offers information freely so that it makes you wonder how much more you would get by paying for his products.

At the end of August Jeff posted this very helpful article on his blog and I like what I can learn from him:

The 16 Rules of Internet Success

  1. Always Be Building Your List AND Your Relationship With Your List
  2. Only Sell What The Market Wants
  3. Take The Long View – Win With Strategy
  4. Don’t Depend On Any Single Source of Traffic
  5. Sell Your Own Stuff (and Other People’s Stuff)
  6. The Purpose Of The Sale Is To Generate A Raving Fan
  7. It’s All About Relationships In Your Industry
  8. Get To Dollar One
  9. Opportunity Cost Is The Most Important Thing (And It Becomes More Important As Your Business Grows)
  10. Get Out Of The House And Go To Live Events
  11. The Power Of The Mastermind Is Enormous
  12. It’s A Lot Easier To Sell With The Human Touch – The “Corporate Voice” Is Death
  13. Live Below Your Means… Don’t Buy That Ferrari Yet
  14. Baby Steps
  15. It’s All About Creating Value
  16. Invest In Yourself… No One Can Take Your Skills From You

read the full article here

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